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Bonvera – A Unique Compensation Structure

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Bonvera: A Unique Compensation Structure

September 28th, 2018

What is Bonvera?

Bonvera is a new company that is generating a lot of attention lately and deservedly so. Bonvera combines e-commerce with a nationwide community of entrepreneurs that takes out the 50-800% markup normally added on by wholesalers, brick-and-mortar stores, and advertising costs, allowing you to own the system. Bonvera’s e-commerce marketplace allows consumers to purchase a wide array of name brand and private label products online. Associates who refer customers to this online store are compensated on a residual, recurring basis for all of the business volume they drive to Bonvera. This allows an Associate to get paid over and over and over again for the work done to drive customers and sales to the Bonvera e-commerce platform.

The Online Store

What kind of products can be found at Bonvera’s online store? Name brands you know and trust-the same brands people prefer to have in their homes.  In addition, they have private label products that are high-quality and made with first-rate ingredients such as their PhyzixMD line of supplements and their vegan-friendly Luebella skin care line. Customers can also shop at Bonvera affiliate stores like Walgreen’s, Lego, Bass Pro Shops and Omaha Steaks just to name a few. These national brands combined with their excellent private label offerings will keep the customers you refer coming back time and time again and putting money in your pocket! Bonvera allows you to own the system and turn people spending everyday dollars into an everyday asset for YOU!


How Do I Make Money?

The more your customers buy at the Bonvera e-commerce store, the more money you make. In addition, you get bonuses for each associate you bring on board. In turn, you earn money from the customers they sign up (minimum activity levels are required. Please see your Bonvera entrepreneur for more details). Bonvera associates also have the option of building teams that are also registering customers and encouraging the customers to shop the Bonvera site. These teams have the potential to generate thousands of dollars in bonuses, car allowances, and other perks as you move up the system. This allows you to build a pipeline of income and make money while you sleep!


Opportunities like Etsy, fiverr, Uber and Airbnb requires you provide a skill such as creating products, or an asset such as your car or home and also requires you to put in your time marketing these skills and assets. Bonvera provides the platform, logistics, products, marketing and customer service. All you need to provide is the effort.

Ready to get started as a Bonvera entrepreneur? Click here or email us at You may also call us at: (316) 260 – 2225. Don’t forget to check out Bonvera training events here to make the most of your new business, and check out their blog at to keep up with all of the events happening with this exciting company!


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