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Bonvera: No Complaints! Associates Speak

Posted: September 28, 2018 at 6:59 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Bonvera: No Complaints! Associates Speak Out

September 30th, 2018


Bonvera Complaints? None!

Bonvera went straight to their independent associates to get their perspective on the business and how Bonvera has positively impacted their lives.

An Opportunity

Bonvera independent associates are given a unique opportunity when they join the company as an independent associate, or entrepreneur, as the company refers to them. They’re given access to a world-class training program with books, audio tapes, videos, and events to learn about leadership development, personal development, financial tools, team building, and so much more.

A Bonvera associate named Gina said this – “So motivational!!! Listening to these audios can really change ones trajectory for the day and if you’re listening to several a day, it can change the trajectory for your life! Love learning from millionaires and business leaders who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.” Bryan and Carrie, a couple building this business together, said, “This XO training hasn’t just helped us with our business. It has helped us in all aspects of our life helping us grow into better people everyday. I have never been exposed to anything close like this training system. Outstanding leaders with years and years of experience. A+ in my book!”


A Community

Bonvera independent associates are also given access to a community of leaders, entrepreneurs, and other associates to link arms with and partner with in learning and building their business. Bonvera teams are all over the U.S. from California to Florida. Most associates join a team in their local area or region, and instantly, they have a community in their area that will push them towards their goals, understand their pain points, and encourage them to grow their business.

Jesus, a Bonvera associate, captioned a photo while at a Bonvera training event as a place to “speak your dreams into existence.” His picture showed a full crowd of others just like him pursuing the same goals and building the same business. Joe, a Bonvera entrepreneur and leader said this, “Being part of Bonvera has changed our life. My wife and I are free to choose what we do each and every day. We choose to build the Bonvera opportunity. Freedom isn’t free, it just takes effort. I am able to help others with an opportunity to change their lives and help them get out of financial bondage.”

Rewards & Encouragement

Being a part of Bonvera also means reward trips. If associates make a certain level in terms of team building and sales goals, associates get to enjoy community building trips. For instance, a team in Kansas celebrated by reserving a lake house and the whole lake to enjoy for a whole weekend. Another team in California celebrated by reserving a condo on the beach for the weekend. The team in Tennessee rewarded their associates with a private cabin in the mountains for a weekend of relaxing and family fun.

On a rewarding, fun trip in California, one of our leaders, Kathy said, “So much leadership, character, generosity, and heart is embodied here.” She shared a heartwarming picture of the rest of the team together on the beach.

Let the Associates Speak for Themselves

Needless to say, complaints about Bonvera and about the treatment of independent associates is clearly false. These associates clearly speak for themselves, and they should be consulted first about Bonvera. They know the company from the inside out, and they know the truth about Bonvera. So, let these complaints go to rest, and consult true sources of Bonvera’s business opportunity with associates themselves.

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  • November 15, 2018 at 3:11 pm Sharon

    Well written. We enjoy being a Bonvera associate and the opportunity to build a business with a team. We’ve had our own businesses before and invested tens of thousands of dollars in those. In some we lost our entire investment. For a very very small amount we’ve been able to start an entrepreneur business and have fun building it with support from others through the training and mentorship. Thanks Bonvera. Jim and Sharon