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Bonvera: A Personal Journey

Posted: October 25, 2018 at 5:56 pm   /   by   /   comments (2)


Bonvera: A Personal Journey

October 25th, 2018


Bonvera-InterviewIn the search to learn more about Bonvera, we took the liberty to interview a Bonvera Independent Associate (or entrepreneur, as they call them) and get their personal story about why they joined Bonvera and how it’s impacted their lives.



How They Heard About Bonvera

In their business model, Bonvera entrepreneurs are encouraged to refer a friend after they’ve experienced the incredible Bonvera opportunity first hand. Therefore, most people first hear about Bonvera from a friend or family member. As one entrepreneur put it, “We never would have found out about this incredible opportunity if some friends hadn’t told us about it.” However, even if you don’t have a current friend, family member, or contact within Bonvera and you’d still like to be a part of it, you can always contact their customer service team and they’ll get you connected to an entrepreneur in your local area.


Why They Joined Bonvera

Most entrepreneurs join Bonvera for similar reasons. They wanted more freedom, a better lifestyle, more financial freedom, more time, and more security. They didn’t want to have to wake up on Monday and go back to a dreary job they were miserable in. In an interview with one entrepreneur, Joe from Michigan said, “Being part of Bonvera has changed our life. My wife and I are free to choose what we do each and every day. We choose to build the Bonvera opportunity. Freedom isn’t free, it just takes effort.”



How It’s Impacted Their Lives

Many Bonvera entrepreneurs feel strongly that Bonvera has impacted their lives in significant ways. Many entrepreneurs have said that with the Bonvera opportunity, they get the chance to help others and impact their lives in powerful, meaningful ways. Joe from Michigan stated, “I am able to help others with an opportunity to change their lives and help them get out of financial bondage.” Another entrepreneur put it this way, “For me, I am passionate about helping others  understand they are uniquely & wonderfully made. I love to help them see the value they can provide to the world & show them an opportunity they can use to deliver that value!!!”

Therefore, not only does the Bonvera opportunity help individuals and their families, but then those people feel a passion to return the favor to others. If you’ve experienced such a wonderful opportunity, wouldn’t you want to share it with others too? Joe from Michigan said, “I’ve never seen an opportunity that works like this one does if you just apply effort.”

With a personal story like Joe’s, don’t you too want to learn more about the Bonvera opportunity?

To learn more about Bonvera and the unique entrepreneurial opportunity, contact a Bonvera entrepreneur if you already have one or know one. If you are not connected to one yet, contact their customer service team at or call (316) 260 – 2225 to get connected to one in your local area today.

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