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Practical Uses For Nail Polish

Bonvera nail polish
Posted: December 16, 2018 at 9:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nail polish is great for putting on for a night on the town, but it also has so more practical uses. Here are some of the more interesting ones we have found:

Health and Beauty

• Do you have trouble lining up those all-but invisible arrows on childproof medicine bottles? Paint the marks with brightly colored nail polish, and you’ll get’ em together on the first try, every time.

• Brush clear nail polish onto the bottom edges of metal shaving-cream and hair-spray cans to keep them from rusting.

• Got a screw that keeps popping out of your eyeglasses? Put a dab of clear nail polish on top of it, and the little thing will stay put.

Home Cleaning & Upkeep

• If you drip-dry clothes on wire hangers, nicks or rust spots on the hangers can end up staining your clothes. Keep them sealed with clear nail polish.

• Are your shoelaces fraying at the ends? Twist the strands together tightly, dampen them just a little, dip them in clear nail polish, and let them dry.

• Stop pantyhose and stocking runs from spreading by dabbing them with clear nail polish.

• Paint clear nail polish onto costume jewelry to help it hold its shine and color.

• Are your stereo speakers rattling? Take off the covers and examine the cones inside. Chances are one of them has a small tear in the fabric and you can make it sound like new again by sealing it with a spot of nail polish.

• Does your skin break out in a rash every time you wear your wristwatch? Solve the problem by coating the underside of the watch with clear nail polish. (Use this same trick for any metal jewelry that causes a reaction.)

• Keep belt buckles and metal buttons shiny by painting them with clear nail polish. For best results, apply four coats, letting each coat dry before brushing on the next one.

• Got a hem or an inner seam that’s starting to open? Brush on some clear nail polish to hold the fabric in place until you can sew it back together.

So don’t forget to grab an extra bottle of clear nail polish when you’re at the dollar store. It will come in handy!

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